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CPE Info

Logging CPEU from FNCE®

When logging CPE from the Food & Nutrition Conference & Expo, log each educational session or event individually, not the conference as a whole. There are multiple learning formats offered throughout the conference. These formats correlate with different activity types, set forth by CDR:

  • 171 – Lecture/Seminar
  • 130 – Exhibits
  • 180 – Posters
  • 175 – Recorded Pre-Approved CPE: If you watched a session on-demand and not during its scheduled time.

Performance Indicators have been assigned to each FNCE® session. This information is subjective; feel free to select those that best correlate with your Professional Development Portfolio (PDP) needs.

Calculating CPEU for Sessions

60-minute sessions = 1.0 CPEU
90-minute sessions = 1.5 CPEU

FNCE® CPE Certificates

Educational Session Certificates
Attendees can access the FNCE® 2021 CPE certificates in the virtual platform, and each session will have both a live and code 175 CPE certificate. Past FNCE® CPE certificates are available here. Here are guidelines for when you should use each certificate:
  • Live CPE Certificates: Use this certificate if you attend a session during the time block when it originally aired. You must tune into the session during its scheduled time block to count live CPE credit.
  • Code 175 CPE Certificates: All sessions will be available for on-demand viewing immediately following their scheduled broadcast time. Please use the Code 175 certificate when viewing a session on-demand for self-study. (For example: If you watch a session Monday night that originally aired on Sunday at 11:30 a.m., you should use the code 175 certificate.)
Educational sessions will be available to 2021 FNCE® attendees on the virtual site until May 31, 2022. * Maximum CPEUs per 5 Years for Activity Type 175: 50 for RDNs or RDs, 33 for NDTRs or DTRs
Exhibits and Posters CPE Certificate

Use this certificate to log your CPE from posters and exhibits.

To log CPEU for exhibits and posters, complete the date and amount of time spent in the Expo Hall.

E-Posters (Activity Type 180) do not need to be listed separately. One may record several posters that relate to the same Performance Indicator as one event. For example, logging e-posters viewed on a given day at FNCE® can be logged as “FNCE Poster Sessions.”

Calculating CPEU for Exhibits and Posters

1 contact hour (60 minutes) = 1.0 CPEU

A maximum of 15 CPEUs for Registered Dietitian Nutritionists and 10 CPEUs for Dietetic Technicians, Registered are allowed during each five-year recertification cycle for virtual exhibits (activity type 130) and e-posters (activity type 180).