Yvonne Greer, MPH, RD, CD

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Yvonne Greer

Nutritional Consultant for Healthy Living

Y-EAT Right

Ms. Yvonne D. Greer, MPH, RD, CD, owner of Y-EAT RightNutritional Consultant for Healthy Living, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, conducts special workshops to promote healthy nutritional and living behaviors. Shes been featured on talk radio, TV, podcasts, and print media including in the TV documentary entitled A Silent Threat Heart Disease in African American Women, the 2020 Days of Learning Podcast (S1,E2): Connecting Community Through Nutrition, and the 2021 Podcoast “These Three Things: Nutrition for Healthy Child Development.” She authored the book chapter Diabetes and Obesity in the TOPS publication REAL Life, The Hands On, Pounds Off Guide, as well as the curriculum guide for community youth and family agencies entitled, Back to the Kitchen: Healthy Cooking Series, which was featured in a 6-part Back to the Kitchen YouTube video series (2021). In 2018 – 2020, she presented a series of nutritional workshops to both the Peer to Peer (PEP) Diabetes Prevention Program and the Project LEAD Peer Ambassadors Program. Additionally in 2020, she appeared on several on-line community information platforms speaking on the issue of Nutrition, Boosting Immunity, and COVID-19 in communities of color. Greer served as House of Delegates Director and Board of Directors (2006-2008), on the EAL Expert Panel on Eliminating Health Disparities, presenting findings at both the American Dietetic Association Food & Nutrition Conf. Boston, MA.(2010) and American Public Health Association Conference, Washington D.C. (2011). She served as the Chair of NOBIDAN from 2015-2016 and is currently a Doctor of Public Health (DrPH) candidate at Walden University.


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