Enhance Your Value and Career with Diabetes Research

Tuesday, October 19
1:30 PM – 2:30 PM (Central Time)
CE: 1.0
Level 2 (intermediate knowledge/experience)
Activity Code: 164309


The purpose of this session is to inform and inspire attendees regarding the potential of building diabetes nutrition research capability to enrich their career and further establish the value of their services. Three Diabetes Dietetics Practice Group (DDPG) member panelists with varying levels of diabetes nutrition research experience will briefly share their research projects and experience; then, as part of an interactive panel discussion, will share practical advice regarding how to build diabetes nutrition research capability, best practices to implement and resources to leverage. Panelists will discuss the synergistic collaboration between the DDPG and the Foundation to support and promote diabetes nutrition research initiatives that in turn serve to build and strengthen the evidence base for diabetes MNT and the services of the diabetes-focused dietitian–so crucial as payment and care models rapidly evolve.

Planned with the Diabetes DPG.

Learning Objectives:

  • Describe how building research capability enriches one’s career and establishes value of diabetes MNT.
  • Identify best practices to build diabetes nutrition research skills.
  • List ways the DDPG and the Academy Foundation support research initiatives.

Performance Indicators:

  • 3.2.2 Participates in professional and personal development activities for career growth and skill enhancement.
  • 6.3.1 Uses established benchmarking and best practices to inform practice.
  • 8.3.4 Enhances knowledge to foster career advancement.