Intellectual Property Essentials to Protect Your Business and Brand

Monday, October 18
11:30 AM – 12:30 PM (Central Time)
CE: 1.0
Level 2 (intermediate knowledge/experience)
Activity Code: 163812


Intellectual property (IP) is one of the most valuable assets of any business, including that of dietetic professionals. Many dietetics professionals are familiar with the terms copyright and trademark but do not understand how they relate to their business, including what assets are protectable under IP and how they are protected from infringement by third parties. Questions surrounding less commonly understood concepts regarding intellectual property laws include: Does owning a corporate identity (LLC, Inc.) protect my brand? Do I own a copyright in any works I have created and am I allowed to use works of others without infringement? What is actually protectable under intellectual property laws and how can an individual and/or company protect its intellectual property from infringement? What can an RDN do if their IP has been stolen? This session will be presented from the perspective of a registered dietitian nutritionist and an intellectual property attorney with regard to the principles surrounding IP that should be followed by CDR credentialed practitioners to be in compliance with both the law and the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Code of Ethics.

Learning Objectives:

  • Define key legal terms including copyright, trademark (TM), intellectual property (IP), trade secrets and works made for hire.
  • Explain what assets are protectable and belong to your business while making sure to comply with IP laws.
  • Describe measures that protect IP, such as filing copyright and trademark applications, using copyright and trademark notices, using IP properly so it does not wind up in the public domain or become generic, potential disclaimers, and legal agreements.

Performance Indicators:

  • 1.1.7 Communicates professional title and credentials accurately.
  • 1.5.4 Models a professional image as defined within organization policy and code of ethics.
  • 11.4.1 Stays abreast of changing trends and technology in promotion, marketing and advertising.