Leveraging Nutrition Every Step of the Way: Addressing Nutrition Equity and Early Intervention Strategies During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Saturday, October 16
1:00 PM – 2:30 PM (Central Time)
CE: 1.5
Level 2 (intermediate knowledge/expertise)


In this session, an expert panel of speakers will examine nutrition care in a post-COVID-19 pandemic world. The experts will review diverse aspects of care from health equity, to prehabilitation, to outpatient nutrition care in chronic conditions, all focused on improving health and nutritional status for the global adult population.

Planned with Academy Premier Sponsor, Abbott

Learning Objectives:

  • Discuss the role of nutrition, social determinants of health and health equity in the presence of COVID-19
  • Examine the prehabilitation model and the role nutrition plays in optimizing functional and clinical outcomes in specialized populations
  • Identify challenges for COVID-19 patients with chronic conditions and explore how to leverage outpatient care.

Performance Indicators:

  • 7.4.8 Evaluates, communicates and documents quality management activities, outcomes and recommendations to advance knowledge, to change practice and to enhance effectiveness of services.
  • 8.1.2 Integrates knowledge of biological, physical, and social sciences with knowledge of food and nutrition to make decisions related to nutrition care.
  • 8.2.4 Integrates new knowledge of disease states and clinical conditions into practice.