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Pre-FNCE® Symposia

Note: This event is included with FNCE® registration and does not require a ticket or additional registration.

Saturday, Oct. 16, 11:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. Central

The human body is incredibly sophisticated, and its well-being can be impacted by a multitude of factors every day, including stress. Certain levels of stress in life are normal and inevitable; however, people who manage their day to day stress and show more resilience in coping, tend to be healthier. The foods we choose and our daily quality and quantity of sleep influence how our bodies will respond in a stressful situation. Learn which lifestyle interventions, including identifying nutrient gaps and strategies for dosing for your patients with specific nutrients that can support overall balance in your body to help build and maintain resilience against stress. This session will focus on managing stress and all the ways it impacts your health. It will also explore the most up to date science as it relates to nutrition with recommended nutritional and lifestyle approaches to optimize well-being.

This Foundation symposia is sponsored by Nature Made® 

Saturday, Oct. 16, 1 - 2 p.m. Central

Food as Medicine is based on the science of connecting food to improved health, and a reaffirmation that food and nutrition play a role in sustaining health, preventing disease, and as a therapy for those with conditions or in situations responsive to changes in their diet. Consumers’ growing interest in the connection between food and health is now mainstream, with one in four individuals actively seeking health benefits from food. As trusted allies in promoting food, nutrition education, and access through practical solutions that are grounded in science and credible research, RDNs are natural leaders of this movement. “Food Becomes Medicine in the Continuum of Health” was identified as a future change driver in the Academy’s 2017 Visioning Report, and RDNs have built on this momentum through the creation and implementation of innovative Food as Medicine programs. This session will highlight how RDN-led Food as Medicine initiatives that encourage health and well-being, manage and treat disease, improve nutrition security, and promote food safety are associated with improved health outcomes and reduced health care usage and cost.

Support for this Foundation symposium was funded through a grant from Walmart.

Saturday, Oct. 16, 1 - 2:30 p.m. Central

In this session, an expert panel of speakers will examine nutrition care in a post-COVID-19 pandemic world. The experts will review diverse aspects of care from health equity, to prehabilitation, to outpatient nutrition care in chronic conditions, all focused on improving health and nutritional status for the global adult population.

Planned with Academy Premier Sponsor Abbott